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A web development student’s declassified school survival guide.

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Also here’s an even better list by someone I don’t know but would be doing you a disservice by failing to include… There’s very little overlap so you should probably read both :

Every extension or tool you could possibly need

Here’s a rudimentary static site I made that goes into more detail on the extensions I use…

Here’s the repo it was deployed from:


Command Palette

Access all available commands based on your current context.

Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+P

Resources, Cheat Sheets & Links @Bottom of the Page!

For More Advanced Readers, or those with very limited free time… here’s an abridged Git Reference.

What’s a distributed version control system?

Git is an example of a distributed version control system (DVCS) commonly used for open source and commercial software development. DVCSs allow full access to every file, branch, and iteration of a project, and allows every user access to a full and self-contained history of all changes. Unlike once popular centralized version control systems, DVCSs like Git don’t need a constant connection to a central repository. Developers can work anywhere and collaborate asynchronously from any time zone.

Without version control, team members are subject…

Curating Complexity: A Guide to Big-O Notation

  • Why is looking at runtime not a reliable method of calculating time complexity?
  • Not all computers are made equal( some may be stronger and therefore boost our runtime speed )
  • How many background processes ran concurrently with our program that was being tested?
  • We also need to ask if our code remains performant if we increase the size of the input.
  • The real question we need to answering is: How does our performance scale?.

big ‘O’ notation

  • Big O Notation is a tool for describing the efficiency of algorithms with respect to the size…

Applications of Tutorial & Cheat Sheet Respectivley (At Bottom Of Tutorial):


  • PEP8 : Python Enhancement Proposals, style-guide for Python.
  • print is the equivalent of console.log.

‘print() == console.log()’

# is used to make comments in your code.

def foo():
The foo function does many amazing things that you
should not question. Just accept that it exists and
use it with caution.

Python has a built in help function that let’s you see a description of the source code without having to navigate to it… “-SickNasty … Autor Unknown”


  • Python has three types of numbers:
  1. Integer
  2. Positive and Negative Counting Numbers.

No Decimal Point

Created by a literal non-decimal point number … or … with the int() constructor.

This article will cover the basics of express from the perspective of a beginner without concerning its self with the underlying mechanisms and theory that underlies the application of the framework.

For starters, what is express JS¿

When introduced, node.js gave developers the chance to use JavaScript to write software that, up to that point, could only be written using lower level languages like C, C++, Java, Python…

This tutorial will cover how to write web services that can communicate with clients (the front end application) using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

  • JavaScript is asynchronous, which allows us to take full advantage of the processor it’s running on. Taking full advantage of the processor is crucial because the node process will be running on a single CPU.
  • Using JavaScript gives us access to the npm repository. This repository…

Heroku lets you deploy, run and manage applications written in Ruby, Node.js, Java, Python, Clojure, Scala, Go and PHP. An application is a collection of source code written in one of these languages, perhaps a framework, and some dependency description that instructs a build system as to which additional dependencies are needed in order to build and run the application.

This is a quick tutorial explaining how to get a static website hosted on Heroku.

Heroku hosts apps on the internet, not static websites. To get it to run your static portfolio, personal blog, etc., you need to trick Heroku into thinking your website is a PHP app.

Basic Assumptions You want to deploy some straight-up HTML, CSS, JS, maybe a few images. Nothing fancy here. You are in the root directory of your site (i.e. the directory that contains all subdirectories and files for the site) The root directory contains a main HTML page, e.g. index.html A Heroku app and remote are set up and ready to go Steps Add a file called composer.json…

A deep dive into the world of React.

Photo by Ferenc Almasi on Unsplash

Random Things to Remember

  • Using () implictly returns components.
  • Role of index.js is to render your application.
  • The reference to root comes from a div in the body of your public HTML file.
  • State of a component is simply a regular JS Object.
  • Class Components require render() method to return JSX.
  • Functional Components directly return JSX.
  • Class is className in React.
  • When parsing for an integer just chain Number.parseInt("123")
  • Use ternary operator if you want to make a conditional inside a fragment.
{ x === y ? <div>Naisu</div> : <div>Not Naisu</div>; }
  • Purpose of React.Fragment is to allow you to create groups of children…

My Bash Cheatsheet Index:

Table Of Contents:

One Liners

Block Bad IPs

If Statements

Check if args are passed

Check if required variables exist

Check if environment variables exists

While Loops

Run for 5 Seconds

Redirecting Outputs

Stdout, Stderr


tr command

Remove whitespace:

$ echo 'foo - bar' | tr -d '[:space:]'

One Liners

Block Bad IPs

Use iptables to block all bad ip addresses:

$ cat /var/log/maillog | grep 'lost connection after AUTH from unknown' | tail -n 5
May 10 11:19:49 srv4 postfix/smtpd[1486]: lost connection after AUTH from unknown[]
May 10 11:21:41 srv4 postfix/smtpd[1762]: lost connection after AUTH from unknown[]
May 10 11:21:56 srv4 postfix/smtpd[1762]: lost connection after AUTH from unknown[]
May 10 11:23:51 srv4…

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